"We could never have gotten our renovation off the ground without you - your guidance and vision made it all possible.  Working with you was terrific - you guided us along with efficiency and gentle decisiveness.  We always felt we could approach you with any concerns, design or financial, and you worked us through them openly and honestly."
"The day you approached us with the sketch of what we thought we wanted versus the sketch of your ideas of where we could go was transforming, and culminated with the beautiful results we have today!"
"We are so happy with the results!  Our new space is gorgeous, organized, bright and comfortable, and has made our house feel like a new home!"
 "We are all very happy with everything you have done in our home.  When you came back to my house after our first meeting with those red branches for my foyer, I knew things were going to be great!  Sounds crazy, but in that moment, I knew that you had recognized and respected my style!"
"One major difference between you and other decorators I  have worked with is that you actually spent time in my home and talked to me about what I wanted and envisioned.  You led the way and offered options without compromising my own style and taste."
"I really felt like we were a team and that you wanted me to love the final product, which is different from past experiences where I felt like I was just being sold something beautiful.  I look forward to future decorating projects when we can work together again, and I would recommend your services without reservation!"
"I am so glad I brought you on board.  You seemed to know exactly what I wanted, and the small changes we made to my room transformed it!  You saved me an enormous amount of time, and I could never have come up with the same choices on my own.  I cannot thank you enough!
"My home lacked any sense of character but was in a great neighborhood that I have loved for ten years, and I was torn about whether I should sell and buy a better house, or stay in this neighborhood and refurbish.  You convinced me that we could make my house beautiful, and you were so right!  My living room and dining room are gorgeous but still comfortable and livable.  We love them now!  My son's bedroom is awesome -- urban, cool, and a room he can grow into.  We can't wait for more new rooms as you work your way through our home.  You made our decision easy to stay in this neighborhood we love!"
"Thank you so much for decorating the front of our school for the holiday -- it looks absolutely beautiful.  We appreciate all you do!" 
"You are great at what you do.  You left us with exactly what I was looking for -- a beautiful, put together, functional space.  Even toward the end when I had to pull in the reins with a more defined budget, you were really great to work with, especially breaking down the options and offering the most "finished" look within that budget."
"You are a true design professional and you're affordable too - a great combination!"
 "As a working mom with a demanding occupation, it was great to explain to you what I liked and then at our next meeting be provided with ideas to choose from and let you run with it from there.  You eliminated the stress of making purchases and scheduling contractors.  We love our house now!"
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